Awakened Soul

Access the Wisdom oF your soul and amplify your gifts

If you are opening up to your intuition and inner wisdom, while learning to trust it or are currently guided by your  intuition, but scared to step into the unknown, these sessions are here to support you in accessing the wisdom of your soul to amplify your spiritual gifts and help you see what is possible when you dare to dream.

The Akashic Records can help to bring more clarity about who you are as a soul, while creating a clearer vision and stronger sense of purpose in your life.


This journey of self-discovery & soul expansion includes four 90 minute Akashic Records Activation Sessions with integration & embodiment practices to work on in between sessions.

You are here to live an authentic & aligned life full of magic!

In these 4 sessions you will experience

The ARTT of Inner Alchemy. 

We will access your akashic records to ACTIVATE your cosmic blueprint, RECLAIM your sacred gifts, TRANSFORM fear of the unknown into limitless possibilities and create a soul-aligned plan for TRIUMPH

Experience the magnificence and magnitude of your soul and bare witness to your inner fire and magic.

When you let go of past pain, patterns and stories that no longer serve you, you are given and opportunity to heal your relationship with yourself and others. Discover your authentic nature and truest expression and find your spark that makes you magnetic and mesmerizing.

It's time to remember your MAGIC and POWER!

The journey of the soul is ever unfolding and if you are reading this it is safe to say that you have been a beacon of light and hope for many lifetimes and your soul is urging you to remember the truth of who you are to access your sacred gifts.

Clear the slate across all time, planes and dimensions to amplify the gifts of your soul. There is a synthesis that occurs on the path of wholeness and empowerment when you reclaim your soul gifts to become the ORACLE and CHANNEL you have been for lifetimes. 


All your soul's experiences have given you potent & powerful ingredients to stir into your magickal cauldron to see how transformation has impacted your life and develop strategies for next level alignment & manifestation.  

Uncover blocks to success, self-worth & confidence and how to transmute them into something that will help you RISE beyond all perceived limitations.

Transformation & Rebirth will awaken your most BADASS authentic expression.

The road to Triumph is to walk the walk and talk the talk. Receive guidance on stepping deeper into quantum thinking for quantum creation.

This is your time to shine! You are experiencing your next level evolution and you will gain multidimensional strategies for soul level embodiment and expression.

Building your life as a legacy requires patience, compassion and DEVOTION to yourself and EVOLUTION!

The ARTT of Inner Alchemy

The ARTT of Inner Alchemy™ is my signature coaching and mentorship method that I created from my intimate work with clients over the years. It is multifaceted and recognizes the diverse stages and levels of healing, transformation and embodiment. The ARTT of Inner Alchemy™ is about honoring everyone’s individual path and utilizing multidimensional strategies for self-mastery.


The Method & Magic:

Session : Activate

    The first session is focused on you and the areas in your life you would like to level up, what are your dreams & desires? Let's discover what has been keeping you from them.

This session will ignite the spark of inspiration and purpose as we activate your cosmic blueprint.

Session 2: RECLAIM

  The second session explores your soul's journey to uncover potential barriers that have been imprinted in your soulular memory and to reclaim sacred gifts that have been waiting to be fully expressed.

In this session you will gain more clarity around who you are as a soul and what you came here to do/be.

Session 3: TRANSFORM

  The third session is about implementation to experience transformation. This is where you walk through the flames of transformation to be re-born.

This session will encourage you to be unapologetically and authentically you and to live and create from an authentic & aligned state.

Session 4: TRIUMPH

    The forth session address the importance of consistency and what it is like to live in ceremony with practical steps to maintain momentum as you move forward.

You didn't come here to play small or dim your light. It is your time to SHINE!!!



Upon purchase you will receive a link to the booking calendar to schedule your sessions.

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