Energetic Resonance

“We either get success or lessons. If we learn our lessons successfully, we get both.”


Chakra Balancing

Chakras are energetic vortexes that are through out the entire body; it is important to look after our bodies physically and on an energetic level. When the 7 main chakras are balanced, we have a sense of passion and purpose and are able to walk through life feeling safe, secure, and confident.


When one or more of our chakras are unbalanced, it can manifest in the physical such as; IBS, endocrine issues, migraines and emotional outbursts. Many people would benefit from chakra treatments; especially those who are going through big life changes, emotional turmoil, lack of motivation and drive.

Distance sessions until June 30.


 Reiki can be summed up best as the number one stress buster! Reiki helps clear stagnant energy and gets it moving; which allows the life force to flow harmoniously through out the body and radiate out into the world. REI means “universal” and also refers to the spiritual dimension and the soul. KI means the vital life force energy that flows through all that is alive. When REIKI is combined it equates to being “universal life-force energy” Reiki will benefit anyone that has a high stress lifestyle, feels unbalanced and would like to experience deep relaxation.


Distance sessions until June 30.

Cosmic Calibration

Through the use of energy healing techniques paired with sound healing which is comprised of crystal singing bowls, Tibetan signing bowls and chimes this 1.5 hour treatment is designed to have you feeling balanced, energized, uplifted and connected to your Higher Self and all that is. Healing with sound is believed to be one of the oldest forms of natural healing known to man.


Sound and vibration has the ability to not only work on emotions and over all well being, but on a cellular level as well as. Connecting to these different frequencies and vibrational patterns can also allow you to realign with your cosmic blueprint.


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