Healing the

Witch Wound

Heal. Reclaim. EMPOWER.

Sound Temple: Healing the Witch Wound


LOCATION: Rite of Ritual. 211 17 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1H5

COST: $67.00

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About this event:

Your soul has traveled across time & space and if you are reading this it is safe to say that in this life time and other lifetimes you have been connected to the healing and magickal arts. You may have even experienced past life trauma due to these lifetimes and depending on the time period/culture demonized for being a witch.

Let's join together in community to heal, reclaim and empower!


On this magickal evening you will:

  • Learn about the witch wound and how it can impact you in your current life
  • Be guided on an inner journey to safely clear and release any imprints that are currently interfering with you fully embodying your spirit
  • Consciously reclaim your power and receive messages from your soul's records
  • Receive a blessing and soul-ular memeory activation to embody your soul
  • Be fully immersed in the sound and vibrational frequencies of crystal singing bowls, planetary gongs, other sacred sound healing tools & tuning forks


  Water Bottle

  Pillow/blanket to be extra cozy (Yoga mats are provided)

  Dress comfortable

  Journal and pens

  A talisman or special item to. place on the altar (this item goes back home with you)

  Open heart & open mind


Sound Alchemy
MAY 25, 2022

Benefits of Sound Healing

Through sound some people may experience:

    Deep relaxation

    Reduced stress

    Pain reduction

    Mental clarity

    Improved sleep patterns

    Increased self-awareness & actualization

Kind Words

Join the waitlist to be notified when tickets become available

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