Initiation into the Path of the Heart.


Become versed in the ARTT of Inner Alchemy™

and receive the support you have been seeking and desire. 

 This is an invitation to women who are looking for deeper levels of authentic expression, heart-based living and are feeling the call within to reawaken to your soul lineage as Goddesses, Priestesses, Carriers of light & magick, Wisdom Keepers and beyond, in a way that will support you in this lifetime for soul level embodiment and creative potential.


Together in this collective mentorship and training we will form an intimate group and walk courageously on the initiation path of the heart, through the ARRT of Inner Alchemy™.



The journey back home to yourself in your heart will awaken you to the memories of your true essence.  You will learn to see beyond the limitations, trauma, and attachment and lovingly release what does not nourish your soul across time and space and other planes of existence and come into remembrance of your soul gifts and potential for this life.


 As your step deeper into the initiation path of the heart, you will reclaim the parts of yourself that have been waiting for lifetimes to once more be brought forth. 
Rediscover your inner Alchemist, Embody the Priestess that you are, and receive the offering of everlasting nourishment, contentment, and vitality from the Empress within.


Transformation is where true magick is made. It is through devotion to the path and dedication of the heart.  You can see, sense, feel and know with more clarity, which offers you deeper levels of support and guidance to fulfill your soul mission with confidence and achieve your goals.  


This path is infinite and true, may you see your truth and share the light that you are with the world; as the eternal devotee on the heart path, an empowered soul, and most importantly the fullest and most authentic expression of your spirit in human form! 
This 12-month Initiation together will provide you with multidimensional strategies for self-mastery.

In this sacred container, witness and undergo the healing and transformation that is possible in a group alchemical process.


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Kind Words


This Earth Angel, Terra is an amazing guide and soul coach! 

After working with her it was clear it was time to go after my soul's passion. I am forever changed.

-Krista, Calgary, AB, Canada


 I did the 1:1 mentoring as I needed to rid the old ways of thinking and perceiving what I thought was no way out. Her way of reaching your soul is profound, as she guides you to really look and feel within yourself, your soul, your heart.

The soul work is what made the difference for me as it forced me to really look at myself. Terra connects with you on a whole other level, a heart level. If your soul is drawn to her, it's for a reason. Listen to your heart. Well worth it.

-Cindy, Calgary, AB, Canada


I can't thank you enough for this heart 2 heart journey. I'm so lucky to have come across an Angel like you. Thank you Terra from the core of my heart for being you, guiding me and mentoring me through the highs and lows. 

-Tina, Birminham, London, UK





Hi, for those of you who don't know me already, my name is Terra and I am the heart & soul behind Heart 2 Heart Journey

In 2012 I had a huge wake-up call and found myself being pulled deeper into the wisdom of my heart and found my way back to the metaphysical world I had run away from at a younger age.

At that moment I knew part of my mission here on Earth is to inspire and encourage others to remember who they are beyond time and space and bridge the gap between the mainstream and metaphysical worlds. I haven't looked back since!

I am here to help you rediscover your radiance and your light in this sacred container with like-minded sisters to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are on a soul level and how to translate that into the physical world and discover new ways to navigate in the day-to-day.

Power of the Heart

I have always had a strong desire and calling to help others and have worked with people in many different capacities; from Social Services for 7 years; primarily with high-risk youth to evocative performance art, Public Relations, and pretty much everything in between.

I have walked through the flames of transmutation, fought countless battles within and despite it all pushed through. I have experienced the strength and power of the heart first hand and know that connection to spirit will make the path become clear and bring you into deeper alignment with your soul and beyond your greatest vision for your life.

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Alchemy | noun | al·​che·​my 

  • a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way.
  • any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new.


This journey starts on March 22, 2022.

We will meet weekly on Tuesday evenings 6:30 - 8:30 pm (Mountain standard time)

for a duration of 52 weeks total.

This initiation into the path of the heart to heal, expand and grow is based on the foundational pillars of the ARTT of Inner Alchemy ™.





In this 12-month Mentorship and Training, you will receive multidimensional strategies for self-mastery.


4 Pillars of the ARTT of Inner Alchemy™

Healing is not linear, it is cyclical. It doesn't have to take forever either, however, consistently dedicating time through practice and ritual, allows the process to unfold and day-to-day life becomes a living ceremony. This initiation into the Heart Path takes place over the course of 12 months and is broken down into 4 segments of 3-month intervals.


Each 3-month segment has 3 areas of interest to deep-dive into, where you will be immersed in that topic for 4- 5 weeks(depending on the topic) 

On this journey together, it is my intention to have you feeling clear, focused, inspired and empowered to be who you are destined to be and show up in the world as that Divine expression!


March 22 - June 14, 2022

Remembrance, Release and Restoration.

This part of the program is the start of your journey back home to yourself in your heart. You will be given opportunities to unearth and heal limitations, trauma, and old wounds from this lifetime and lovingly release outdated patterns or programs intertwined within your soul's experiences across time and space.

As you reawaken to the spirit within, you will start to remember of who you truly are and experience high vibrational activations.


  • Opening Ceremony
  • The Power of the Heart
  • Mind Heart Coherence
  • Heart Entrainment
  • Family of Origin
  • Accessing the Inner Child
  • Healing Relationship Dynamics
  • Creating Heart Resonance 
  • Establishing Harmonious Communication in Relationships
  • Past Life Healing & Soul Activations


June 21 - September 27, 2022

Archetypal exploration,  Tarot Practices and Reclaiming Soul Gifts.


As you remember, you reclaim and as you reclaim, you embody. This part of the program is opening up to your intuitive gifts and focuses on intuitive development practices. When you step deeper into the initiation path of the heart, you will reclaim the parts of yourself that have been waiting for lifetimes to once more be brought forth.
Plunge fearlessly deeper into your magnificence and mystery, witness your intuitive nature to build and develop these gifts. What is your soul's expression?   





  • Navigating Through the Ascension Process
  • Exploring Archetypes
  • Discover Your Soul Archetypes
  • Tarot: Major & Minor Arcana
  • Archetype Embodiment
  • Soul Activations & Reclaiming Soul Gifts
  • Intuitive Development
  • Forms of Divination 
  • Oracular Sessions 
  • Being a Messenger of Spirit


October 4 - December 27, 2022

Dreaming, Manifestation and Personal Power.
Transformation is where true magick is made. It is through devotion to the path and dedication of the heart.  Through the ACTIVATE and RECLAIM stages of the ARTT of Inner Alchemy™ you go through the halls of initiation to create a solid foundation to build upon. 
Now it's time to build for more than a season, you are building for a lifetime! You will receive multidimensional strategies for self-mastery to fulfill your soul mission with confidence and achieve your goals.  



  • Goal Setting
  • Strategies for next-level manifestation
  • Implementation 
  • Devotion & Diligence
  • Blocks to Success
  • Manifestation Through the Heart
  • Alignment 
  • Own Your Worth. Know Your Value.
  • Building Confidence
  • Authentic Expression
  • Re-birth of the Warrioress


January 3, 2023 - March 14, 2023

Presence, Inner Strength & Empowerment
This part of the program is designed to support you as you move forward on your journey of the heart. You will be provided with tangible methods and practices to stay focused and accountable to yourself and your desired goals.
This path is infinite and true, may you see your truth and share the light that you are with the world; as the eternal devotee on the heart path, an empowered soul, and most importantly the fullest and most authentic expression of your spirit in human form! 



  • 2023 Envisioning
  • Quantum Thinking
  • Quantum Healing
  • Heart Coherence
  • Energetic Fortitude
  • Divine Alchemy
  • Being the Love That You Are
  • Living in the Heart 
  • Soul Level Embodiment
  • Soul Expression
  • Closing Ceremony



There are 3 payment options designed to support you and your needs:

1 payment $3055 | 7 payments $476 | 14 payments $238

All prices listed above are in Canadian Dollars. 

Prices do not reflect a 5% Alberta mandatory goods and services tax.


Receive 1 month free when you pay in full - $3055 


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Unclear ☞︎ Confident

Lost ☞︎ Aligned & Connected

Intimidated ☞︎ Empowered

Unworthy ☞︎ Knowing your worth

Insecure ☞︎ Focused & super determined to achieve

Kind Words



The unknown is all part of the process. Trusting and believing in myself will bring me the answers I seek.

- Jordan



Remembering/accepting myself as the high priestess. How easy it is to be that because I am that.

All I have to do is follow my guidance and be in my heart. Also...I can allow it all to be, and allow it to be simple.

- Jeanine



That I am powerful but have forgotten some components of me.




52 Live Sessions(2 Hours)

We will meet weekly for 2 hours on Tuesday evenings (Mountain standard time) for a total of 52 weeks.

The sessions include and are not limited to:

Opening  & Closing Ceremony

Everything we will be doing is intentional and to honour this huge step you are taking and the work that will be done it is important to have an opening ceremony, where we open sacred space together to create the parameters of the container we will be in and celebrate the journey and connections formed through a closing ceremony, to signal the completion of this initiation of the Heart Path.

Group Coaching Calls

This is an opportunity to bring all your questions to the table. I will support you in gaining clarity on your areas of interest. It's also a bit of a mastermind session to receive support from your sisters as well.

Ceremonies & Guided Journeys

The Ceremonies and Guided Journeys will be an integral part of making the journey back home to yourself in your heart. They are carefully crafted for the curriculum, however, may be altered in some cases to flow with what will best support the group.

Group Akashic Records Clearings & Activations

The Akashic Records contain the story or blueprint of your soul; from the first spark of creation and expanding into many infinite possibilities; past, present, future, and multidimensionality. Through accessing the wisdom of your soul you can clear and release karmic patterns, ties, old wounds and reawaken to the memories of who you are as a soul.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis

We will explore the realms of the subconscious and other planes of existence – deepening the connection to your soul as you reawaken the memories of the spirit within using this multidimensional, intuitive and energy based spiritual healing modality.

1:1 Spotlight Sessions 

During some of the live sessions, you will have a chance to be put in the spotlight to receive dedicated 1:1 guidance and support from me. I strive to make these equal so that everyone gets their time in the sun throughout our 12-months together. 


Comprehensive Lessons and Workbooks

The lessons you will cover are designed to provide you with multidimensional strategies for self-mastery. They are intended to be thought-provoking and heart-opening and a wealth of knowledge for you even when you have completed this training and mentorship.


Private Online Community

This is a brave space to connect with your sisters to come and share your successes, victories, and challenges. If you have insights or inquiries this is also the place to bring them in between our weekly sessions together. This allows for further integration and strengthens the bonds in our heart-based community.

I will try my best to be active within the online sanctuary to answer any questions you may have for me as they come up.


Online Learning Portal

The online class portal is where you will find everything your need; all your content, replays of the sessions and additional resources to support you during this 12-month training and mentorship. Think of this space as a portal for learning and expanding horizons. You will also have access to the learning portal through the use of an APP, so you can have everything at your fingertips when you are on the go.


Lifetime Acess to Replays 

All sessions are recorded and you will have access to the replays. The sessions are very diverse and some of the content covered is extremely experiential. Replays of each session will be available 24-48 hours after the live class.


Weekly Motivation

Consistency in a spiritual practice creates more opportunities to experience breakthroughs in your life and makes a ripple effect out into your world. You will have additional support to keep you feeling inspired, accountable and motivated.

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