30 Minute Akashic Records Digital Gift Card

30 Minute Akashic Records Digital Gift Card


The gift that keeps on giving. This is a gift certificate for a 30 minute Akashic Records Reading and includes a digitally formatted recording of the reading.


Readings at the moment are being down by distance.


The Akashic Records are known throughout various cultures and times and have different names, but for all intensive purposes let’s keep it simple and call them the Akashic Records. They contain the story or blueprint of your soul; from the first spark of creation and expanding into many infinite possibilities; past, present, future and multidimensional. When accessing the Akashic records you are expanding your awareness and consciousness, so that you can travel into this soul level dimension of consciousness. The Akashic field is one of unconditional love, free from judgement and to be considered a safe and sacred space where you can really dive deep into the essence of who you are. 


What is an Akashic Records Reading?

It is different than a psychic or intuitive and is not "fortune telling" Having open dialogue and asking questions about the areas you would like to address is strongly encouraged, the more information you share about your situation the more the reading will unfold to create more depth and clarity for you. I feel it is a Psycho-spiritual approach to get to know yourself and your soul on a deeper level, if and when you are ready to receive the information.


What is the purpose of having an Akashic Records Reading?

The reason an individual chooses to have an Akashic Records reading varies, therefore it is not to be viewed as a “one size fits all” reading. Some people want to explore past lives and receive healing from traumatic events that have been inflicted on their soul, or focus on situations that are more related to their present life and current circumstances. The Akashic Records contain the past, present and probable futures; there are no limits on what can be addressed and explored. Having an Akashic Records reading will give you a deeper understanding of your Soul’s journey and help you connect with the essence of who you are.


What kind of questions can you ask?

There are no “right” or “wrong” questions.
Keep in mind some questions you ask might not always provide answers because there may be more emotional/energetic homework required before you are able to receive information from a specific record. Before your reading, it is very helpful to create a list of questions you would like to ask your record keepers, that focus on areas you wish to work on, or address.

Current life challenges, relationships(family/friends), repeating patterns and behaviours, spiritual growth or path, life purpose and direction, influences from past lives.

Questions are the key to receiving the desired answers. The clearer the questions, the clearer and more precise the answers will be. A few examples:

"Do I have limiting beliefs that are blocking me from receiving my abundance?"

"What is the next step I can take to achieve my current goals?"
"I currently feel like I’m not on my path. What are some steps I can take so that I feel more joyful?" "Why do the same type of people keep showing up in my life?"
"I really feel drawn to “Place, culture, music” why? Have I lived there in a past life?"

Asking questions that use “how”, “what” or “why”, is a great way to peel back different layers for the information you receive.


These are just a small example of the types of questions you can ask. Have fun, be creative and with courage and compassion, dive deep into the mystery to see what has been waiting to be rediscovered all this time!

To redeem a gift certificate the individual receiving it must email 

info@heart2heartjourney.com and reference the name of the person who purchased it for them.

Readings can be done in person or by distance through phone or video chat. You will recive all the information to book your reading once you have emailed  us to redeem the gift certificate

Note: In person readings will be done at Heart 2 Heart Jouney only.

Dollar value never expires.

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