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If you are sound curious, or already have a connection to sound on a personal or professional level, you do not want to miss this!

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"The Universe is more like music than matter."

- Donald Hatch Andrews

This weekend will reawaken the cosmic temples within. You will experience the power of sound and access your soul's song to receive cellular and soulular alignment, upgrades and anchor some much needed light into the crystalline grid of the planet.  . 


Align with Universal Wisdom

Sound allows us to use the ancient wisdom of our ancestors to work with the human body on a physiological level and awaken the spirit. Sound is everywhere around us; every organ and cell going down to the atomic level in the body has its own vibratory frequency and there is extensive, scientific research that shows sound can have profound effects on the human body and overall well-being.

​Here are some benefits you may experience from sound:

    Deep relaxation

    Reduced stress

    Pain reduction

    Increased self-awareness & actualization

    Mental clarity

    Improved sleep patterns

Become Your Own Sound Alchemist


In this fully immersive sound filled weekend you will explore sound in a very visceral way from a scientific perspective as well as going into the deep layers of how sound and frequency connects you to the essence of your being as a soul. 

There will be many opportunities to be bathed in surround sound, as well as become your own sound alchemist through chanting, toning and playing many different sound healing instruments, such as planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, tuning forks, drums, chimes and other sacred sound healing tools.

You Can Expect


     A sacred and brave space to connect with others like-minded souls

    A fully immersive learning experience around sound, vibration & frequency

   A deeper understanding of music theory, creating entrainment and coherence 

   Integrative sound and vibrational healing for your overall well-being mind / body / soul

   Gentle restorative yogic practices for embodiment and integration

   A rediscovery of the power of your voice and activating your unique soul song

    ​​Group dyads and experiential exercises to awaken the sanctuary of sound within

   Connecting with nature to align with the rhythms of the Universe

   A heightened and elevated awareness when working with sound

   The assurance and confidence that you can become your own Sound Alchemist




Terra comes from a family that seems to have the “music gene” and she jokes that music is in her blood.

Music has always been a part of her life. She has studied the benefits of sound & vibrational healing and in fascinated with using sound to create coherence. Terra likes to play music by ear and be experimental.

Terra was first was introduced to Crystal Singing Bowls and sound healing in 2013 and they spoke to her and felt like home. She is passionate about the power of sound and provides sound alchemy experiences and sound journeys for cellular and spiritual transformation through sound and vibration.

Gongs have become a deep love for Terra and sparked the creation of her signature offerings: Integrative Healing Sessions & Integrative Sound Healing Sessions. The quantum shifts people experience from these sessions are next level.

Terra is looking forward to continuing to share her gifts and wisdom to inspire others to further develop their relationship with sound and help them find their soul song.


Samantha started out as a band geek, burning incense and listening to her record player as a teenager. Sound has always been a tool she has used to shift her frequency even before she knew it did. 

In 2013, her healer/mentor introduced her to Crystal Alchemy singing bowls. Samantha sat in a sound room for the first time and immediately 3 crystal alchemy bowls followed her home. Samantha was teaching yoga at the time and began playing for her students, she also started playing them on the bodies of her Reiki clients. 

What Samantha discovered was that yoga students were able to drop into their practice on a deeper level without the "monkey mind" and her Reiki clients were able to release unwanted energy at a rapid, yet gentle rate. 

Samantha Baldwin has gone on to study the science of sound and teach people how the power of their own voices is the most powerful sound healing tool! Samantha teaches how sound and our pelvic floors relate and that if we release trauma, we free our voices. 

Samantha's collection of crystal alchemy bowls has grown and she has gone "on tour" to play countless sound baths all over Alberta. 

We look forward to sharing the healing and transformative power of sound with you!

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