Labour of Love

How many of you find that when working on a project that is close to your heart, you become so enveloped in it, so passionate, so focused, that no matter what challenges or obstacles appear, you are able to use Jedi mind tricks to make them vanish into thin air?

That's how I feel about Heart 2 Heart Journey and the brand new website launch today! Over the last three months a lot of changes have taken place for myself and my business. I left some collaborations I had been involved with, due to a new vision of what I wanted for myself and how I was going to be of service. In turn, this lead to the rebranding of Heart-2-Heart Holistic, which I am now please to call Heart 2 Heart Journey. Three is symbolic of growth, expansion and seeing infinite potentials; the shifts that have occurred in these three months feel energetically in alignment with all of this.

Today is also auspiciously Full Moon in Taurus; being that I love Astrology, I find it rather comical that my intention was not to have the site launch today, it was initially set to be October 1,st; however divine timing has allowed it to become safely and firmly planted into the web and your hearts today and for this I am grateful!

Taurus invites us to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and to see all the love, beauty and abundance that surrounds us. We are really being encouraged to take the time to savour it and at this time Taurus offers consistency, security and most of all unbridled passion and zest for life!

I'm looking forward to sharing all my new adventures and endeavours with you and continue on this Heart 2 Heart Journey, with all that I do.



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