The Space in Between: New Moon in Capricorn

I find I have not been actively blogging as much as my heart would like, or perhaps I have not been creating the time. New Moon in Capricorn is here and with every new moon we are given an opportunity to sit in the void. the space in between what was and what will be; this is the ultimate place of possibilities!

Some people may fear a space that is limitless because a lot of the time you are told there are limits, or limits are placed upon you by yourself or others. Some of you may thrive on being in a place of unknowns and uncertainties. It is ok to be fearful and it is ok to be excited; one is not better than the other, what truly matters is how you spend your time and energy in the void of limitless possibilities.

Capricorn is practical and pragmatic and probably one of the best signs there is when it comes to formulating a plan to get you closer to your dreams/goals, step by step. Use Capricorn as your ally over the next 2 days.( It is believed that the following 48 hours after the new moon begins are the most potent for manifesting.)

Hoping everyone has a wonderful New Moon in Capricorn; full of visions, revisions and goal orientated decisions!


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