Full Moon in Capricorn: Where are you going and what will it take?

When there is a Full Moon in Capricorn you can be assured that it will whip you into shape and have you putting on your “serious hat.” That's what's about to happen on June 27, 2018; the practicality and desire for organization will really help you get down to business in all areas of your life; however the main focus is placed upon your goals and hopes for the future.

What do you want and how are you going to get there? Further more how are you going to get there in the most efficient way with out experiencing too many trial and errors? You can also use this time to reflect upon what has been holding you back from achieving your goals and create a new game plan; one with more structure and that feels less scattered.

If there are any projects, relationships, beliefs, patterns etc. that still have loose ends to be tied, now is the time for completion so you don’t trip over them in the not too distant future or worse yet get all wrapped up in them. This will help clear the karmic debt before the collector comes knocking on your door.

Image by Emily: @virgomagic.com

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