New Moon in Cancer: Feeling You Loud and Clear.

You know all those things that you have been bottling up inside and trying to repress? They sure will be felt with this new moon in Cancer, July 12, 2018. They won’t necessarily come out and create havoc, but you will be feeling everything; the anger, sadness, joy you didn’t think you were allowed to have, all those feeling and emotions you have been hiding from yourself and others are going to make themselves known to you.

It’s a partial solar eclipse and super moon, which means everything that would normally be affecting us energetically and astrologically is being amplified; the dial has been turned up and it’s almost at maximum level. You’ve been collecting and storing data from all these experiences you’ve been having and it’s ready to be transmitted.

Take this time to go inward, create a sanctuary in your home where you can feel safe, secure and supported. Allow yourself moments of reflection where you can evaluate where you are at currently and where you would like to see yourself going and be honest with yourself about how you are feeling and how you can continue to express yourself in healthy ways. This new moon isn’t a time for doing; it’s a time for being.

Image by: Gabriele Viertel

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