Full Moon in Aquarius: Break Out of Your Shell.

We have a powerful Full Moon in Aquarius coming on Friday July 27, 2018 because it is also a total lunar eclipse. The affects of this full moon are going to be heightened due to the intense alignment between the Sun, Earth and Moon. Fun fact: This is also going to be the longest visible "blood moon" of the century.(Unfortunately we won't get to see it in our Canadian skies)

The theme being called forth from this Aquarius full moon is to break out of your shell! It’s time to look at where you have you been holding yourself back and where you have allowed others to hold you back. Have you been stifling your creativity? Not working toward goals for fear of failure? Accepting insults or poor behaviour from others? In the Aquarian rebellious fashion, stand strong and break free from the limitations that have been placed on you by yourself or others.

Aquarius energy will always offer an altruistic and sometimes much need new perspective, where you can step outside of the box and use the universe as your playground to create what ever you desire! We are currently in Mercury retrograde, so it is advisable that any new big actions; stressing the word 'new' are taken after it goes direct on August 18th, but if you've had some things sitting on the back burner for awhile now is definitely the time to revisit them, revise them and get them on the go.

Image by: Naci Posca

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