Are You Ready?

I hope everyone has been settling into the new year nicely with fresh new batch of optimism brewing in your souls. For some 2018 was a challenge, for others it was an exciting and dynamic year; at any rate it was another year that has passed and with every passing year we are given new lessons to learn from or not and the opportunity to keep moving forward in our lives.

How have you been transitioning into the new year? What have you brought forward with you and what have you left behind? This is a very powerful time to get clear about what you want for yourself and how to plan a strategy to make true magick happen in your lives.

I find it helps for me to write down my hopes, desires and wishes; when I physically put pen to paper it's almost as if I am letting my desires be seen, heard and felt. Some of you may love to work with imagery or even music, charts and graphs; As long as you are getting clear about what you want do whatever floats your boat!

I'm wishing you all much, love, success and goal crushing for 2019! You have worked hard for it and it is coming! Get ready!



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