We are Here!

Oh my look at us travelling at high speed Through March!

Does anyone else catch themselves saying “where did the time go?”

I find this is a phrase that I use often, but not because I feel a loss of time only that it is remarkable to see it go so quickly.

I hope you all have been adjusting to the shifts that have been taking place in life due to the fact that you as well as many others now accept that change is a necessary phase of life and ultimately will result in new beginnings. The more change is resisted; the more you will find yourself in situations that feel restrictive…funny how that works hey? So less resistance and more acceptance = smooth sailing.

I would like to share with you some offerings I have coming up in the Calgary area and beyond.

I will be teaching a class on the Akashic Records on April 28th, in Cochrane, AB

It is a full day workshop where we will be working with and using the Akashic Records to manifest your heart’s desires!

To find out more about the class visit the link HERE

There are also some beautiful offerings of full day karma retreats with Secret Sisterhood of Light. These full day karma retreats carry a versatile design where sisters come together and enjoy a day of Co-creation. There are delicious aspects of celebration, thought provoking conversations, activities to get you into your body, and exercises to access your Higher mind.

Join the March 24- Cochrane, AB

Join the May 25 – Canmore, AB

Join the June 9 – Edmonton, AB

For those of you in my neck of the woods that come for sessions in person I am now offering Aromatherapy Lymphatic Drainage massage all the time, versus by appointment only. The Lymphatic System is such a key player in our day-to-day living and coupled with the custom blend of essential oils we use it can truly bring about some wonderful health recoveries and benefits. I love doing readings and energy work, however I enjoy combining them all together into a whole-istic physical treatment plan. You also get your own personal take home aromatherapy blend that we use in your treatment for your after care.

Wishing everyone a beautiful month of March and looking forward to seeing some familiar faces and of course meeting new ones!

Love, change & growth


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