Difference Between an Akashic Record Reading & Psychic Reading

It is interesting to share this because I do not feel one is better than the other and I offer both, however there is a difference.

I believe that Psychic Readings and Intuitive readings are more connected to the physical realm. Information is being picked up from the energy of the person for what is happening to them at this time on the physical plane. It get's channelled through and diffused by the reader. Yes past experiences and future events can be shared, however it is always through the lenses of this third density or 3-D reality.

The Akashic Records is not connected to the 3-D reality, although it contains it. Information is received from a higher level of consciousness beyond what the physical plane shares. Therefore when accessing the Akashic Records the reader is able to step outside of time and space and see the person as a whole; as a soul in their entirety.

I honour and value both types of readings as I have seen much insight and transformation come from them, however I do feel like if you are looking to do some deeper internal work and soul searching that the Akashic Records may be more of a beneficial route to go.

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