Visiting the Past While Living in the Present.

What feelings arise for you when visiting your “home town” or a place you use to live for years? Do you get nervous? Excited? or have you chosen to never go back?

Edmonton always touches my heart in a unique way and I will alway have a soft spot for that city.

I just spent an amazing weekend in Edmonton, AB, Canada with Secret Sisterhood of Light, we held a full day women’s retreat and it was amazing to see the strength, courage and beauty that every woman brought forth allowing themselves to be open and vulnerable. I am humbled every time I get to work with individuals on their journeys of healing and self-discovery. This one touched me in a different way because some of the women who attended I have known for years and they have seen me through many different stages of life and it was amazing to share my new offerings with them as well as my joy and love.

I lived in Edmonton for my formative years and also for many destructive years. I was a wild woman, good girl, addicted, conflicted and also a purveyor of an exquisite mask collection; constantly shape shifting from one mask to the next for my own self-preservation. Have you experienced this? If you have I’m sure you can relate to the confusion and chaos it creates; wearing a mask keeps you from your true self.

I will forever be grateful for my past in this city because all of those experiences have given me a colorful palette to work with and left me with a very open mind and heart.

You can still grow and transform into different people and have different lives even if you stay in your home town, I often wonder if that is an even harder transition because of the potential of seeing ghosts of the past much more often. I’d love to hear your experiences and how it has felt for you.

Love, light and may you live in authenticity,



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