Father’s Near, Far, Gone or Forgotten

I’m personally not one for holidays and for many of you who have grown up without a father Father’s Day can bring up some interesting feelings and emotions. I must admit I still hold some unresolved pain from my childhood regarding not growing up with my father. It makes me shake my head, so much time has passed and yet there are still moments where a sad little girl makes an appearance.

My mom left my dad when I was very young and I never heard from him or saw him again until we reconnected when I was in my early 20’s. He was married, had a lovely stepdaughter and had transformed into the person and father he was meant to be. Much love and gratitude to those two for letting him know it was safe to open up his heart.

Today I was struck with a wave of sadness after having a nice, heartfelt conversation with my dad. He had said it was nice to hear my voice and that he had been reminiscing about the day I was born and being at the hospital and it made him feel melancholy. Time keeps moving, however there are some moments that are forever frozen in time. I know in my heart that as much as my father and I share an underlying current of sorrow with our relationship there is also an unbreakable bond of love.

You are your father’s greatest gift to the world! For those of you who grew up without a father perhaps he couldn’t be the man that you deserved & required at that time; maybe one day he will be and maybe he never will and that ok. You are meant to be here and you wouldn’t be who you are now if you didn’t have those circumstances growing up. Big shout out to the men that stand up and take care of their kids, the men that take on the father role for children that are not biologically theirs and to the dads that go through divorce and are still there to love and support their children.

Wishing everyone a Soul-full Sunday and may your heart’s always be open



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