April Energy Update

"E-Motions are energy in motion. If they are not expressed, the energy is repressed. As energy it has to go somewhere. Emotional energy moves us as does all energy...To deny emotion is to deny the ground and vital energy of our life."

-John Bradshaw-

Energetic Shift

Everyone is experiencing varying degrees of emotions and circumstances; some of you feel scared, sad, relieved, joyous and everything in between.

As we entered into April some of you may have felt a "big shift" in emotions and attitude. It seems like people are now coming into an awareness of what this new reality looks like. There is a realization that things are not going to go back to "normal" over night and that this new reality carries some limitations, restrictions and much uncertainty.

These are truths that we are collectively experiencing regardless if you feel fine or not, however the adjustments have created an opportunity for reflection and re-evaluation. What is important to you? Really important to you? Have you been able to differentiate more clearly what are wants versus needs?

With everything going on the connection to our feelings has been amplified. It is ok to experience fear and at the same time do not allow it to consume you, leading you away from your rational thoughts and heart-based feelings.

This is Where I Am At

I am hopeful for today, I feel calm and at peace. I know that so much is unknown and I will continue to remain optimistic and stay grounded in the truth and knowingness that we are loved and supported beyond our wildest dreams, even if at times it can feel the complete opposite.

I am still seeing clients online for Akashic Records Readings and Energy Healing sessions and there are a variety of online classes, events and meditations available.

I am working on creating a harmonious balance of offerings that are complimentary as well as paid in these new times of adaptability and fluidity.


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Much love to you and infinite blessings!!!



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