June 2020 Energy Guide: As the World Opens

"We must never forget that it is through our actions, words, and thoughts that we have a choice."

-Sogyal Rinpoche-

There is a lot to to be curious about as the world starts to reopen again. There has been much unrest due to the pandemic and at the same time for some the last few months has been an opportunity to reconnect with the soul.

There has been stillness, silence and new realities being birthed; there has been frustration, outcries instilling riots and new realities being born. The old is being outweighed by the new;

things will not be the same as they were before and in all honesty that feels like a good thing.

As the world reawakens from it's slumber in this unfolding, what does your own unfolding look like? How will you walk in this new world?

We are entering eclipse season and it gets kicked off Friday June 5th with a Lunar Eclipse taking place for Full Moon in Sagittarius! What powerful energy this will be with the Lunar Eclipse being a catalyst for change paired with the ultimate truth seeker and adventurer of the Astrological signs.

We are closing off the month with another eclipse. The Solar Eclipse will be taking place on the New Moon in Cancer Sunday June 21, right after Summer Solstice. Solar eclipses are catalysts for inner growth and development and Cancer is most known for being deeply connected to emotions, home, family and nurturing qualities. Time to get cozy and tune into what really matters to you!

Both the Full Moon Fire Ceremony and Meditation on Friday June 5th and the New Moon Summer Solstice Ceremony and Meditation on Saturday June 20 will be held online. You can register for them HERE

Much love to you and infinite blessings!!!



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