September Soul Insights: Personal Power

"The body itself is a screen to shield and partially reveal the light that's blazing inside your presence"


So many of you have been redefining how you think and feel and determining how to emote and express these new thought forms; at times there has been a deep sense of confusion in the not knowing, but at the same time excitement about stepping into uncharted territories because by stepping into the unknown you can be shown so much more.

Where have these changes brought you? Deeper into yourself, connecting you with your PERSONAL POWER. Where there was doubt there is now a new sense of confidence, crippling fear has been replaced with courage and when you say yes to others you are saying it because you actually want to say yes versus saying it because you think or feel like you have to and for those of you who aren't quite there are getting closer to being there.

Continue to say YES to yourself, let your heart guide you know that as you continue on this path more opportunities will become available to you!

Here is a card reading for the month of September with some additional information about the Full Moon in Pisces

Lots of love to you all and keep doin' YOU!!!!



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