February is often associated with love and it could feel like it's tugging at your heartstrings even more so to become committed to journeying within to come home to yourself in your heart.

We are deep in Aquarius energy right now and that means you may feel the need to go against the grain, embrace your inner rebel and commit to a cause or new vision!

All of the following planets are stationed in Aquarius as well! Think progressive and forward-thinking approaches influencing each planet's domain.

Sun: Inner goal to shine.

Moon: Feeling, moods & intuition.

Venus: Senses, love, beauty & abundance.

Saturn: Authority, boundaries, rules, order & structure.

Mercury: Expression & communication(Mercury is currently retrograde and offers opportunities to reflect & review)

Asteroid Pallas: Creativity, talents & special gifts.

This could be the perfect time to declutter your external world and internal world to come into alignment with what brings you joy, comfort, and inspiration!

Much love to you all


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