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Space Clearing

"To love a place is not enough. We must find ways to heal it."


Space Clearing

Space clearings are very popular for people moving into new locations, as the clearings remove old energies, imprints, entities/spirits; creating an energetic clean slate to build upon in the new space. Having your space cleared could be beneficial if you are experiencing occurrences such as; something feels “off” or doesn’t “feel right” in certain areas of your home, land, or business, items are being moved around or broken, however no one in the home or business has physically moved them, hearing voices or seeing things that you can’t explain and if you have children who are having difficulties sleeping or mention that they are hearing and seeing things and animals behaviour has changed, appearing to be uneasy or fearful.


Some of this may seem peculiar, strange or scary, however it is a reality for many people and can be worked with. The peace of mind and freedom that can be experienced after having your space cleared is invaluable! Clearing spaces involves removing unwanted energies that are causing interferences so that you can feel safe and secure wherever your space may be. Most space clearings are effective after one clearing, however there are some cases where more work is necessary to completely clear the space and more than one clearing may be required. Follow up clearings are at a discounted rate.

Entity Removal Clearings

This service involves more than a space clearing to lighten the energy of your land, home, or business.


Are things mysteriously moving around your home or getting broken? Are cupboard doors or other doors slamming in your house? Are you hearing voices or growling that can't be explained? Do you feel uncomfortable and even at times unsafe in your home? I am here to assist you with matters of this nature to bring peace of mind and ease back into your life.


Note: There are varying degrees of what this service looks like. If at any point it is determine the clearing will require more than one practitioner. You will be encouraged to book that service at an additional charge.

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