Summer Solstice Jam

Fly your FREQ(uency) FLAG

Summer Solstice Jam

June 20 | 6:00 PM - 9:00PM

LOCATION: Sacred land outside of the city limits in Delacour, AB
COST: $100/per person or $180 buddy pass. Price includes your take home ceremonial crafting goodies.


About this event:

Calling all wild, adventurous free spirits!!! Join us to add fuel to the burning flames within and let your freq(uency) flag fly!!!! This is going to be an evening of community, connection and pure bliss as we unite through sound and pump up the jam! Bring your drums, rattles, chimes, or any other musical instrument you like...Don't have one, we will have extras to play

Embrace being fully present in the moment as you deeply connect to the healing and transformative power of sound


  • Summer Solstice Ceremony
  • Sacred Sound experience where you will be enveloped by the vibrational frequencies of planetary gongs, crystal singing bowls, chimes, drums and other sacred sound healing tools
  • Salt Ritual to infuse and amplify your intentions for the next cycle
  • Bonfire to witness your inner flames
  • Community jam where you add to the collective sound and vibrational frequencies

Here's to more fun and soul evolution!


  Journal, paper, pens

  Bring your drums, rattles, chimes, or any other musical instrument you like

  Dress comfortable

  Mug for tea

  Open heart & open mind

We can't wait to get Freq-Y with you!!!

Sound Alchemy
MAY 25, 2022

Benefits of Sound Healing

Through sound some people may experience:

    Deep relaxation

    Reduced stress

    Pain reduction

    Mental clarity

    Improved sleep patterns

    Increased self-awareness & actualization

Kind Words

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