Avalon Awakened


 Avalon Awakened

September 8 -17, 2024

Glastonbury & Cornwall UK


 Beloved Sister,

Are you ready to go on the adventure of a lifetime? One where you will be surrounded by beauty, wonder & mystery? You are warmly welcomed to our Avalon Awakened Pilgrimage.


Avalon has a lasting effect on the hearts of many. Join  in sacred sisterhood to commune with the Divine, while making the journey back home to yourself on the sacred & holy lands in the heart of Avalon.


You will retrace the memories of your soul on the path of the priestess thru ceremony, ritual and embodiment. There will be many opportunities to experience & explore the magick of your spirit within and take in all these mystical and sacred lands have to offer.

Heart to heart we will visit these revered & treasured places in Britain that hundreds of thousands if not millions of souls have pilgrimaged to over the centuries. This is an another initiation into a deeper understanding of your soul truth and lineage as you reclaim lost memories & ancient wisdom, to awaken, activate and actualize the life's purpose & divine destiny.

“We take spiritual initiation when we become conscious of the Divine within us, and thereby contact the Divine without us.”

- Dione Fortune


Heart Path Teachings. Magick & Miracles. Ceremony. Sacred Sites. Stargates. Merlin & his Dragons Cave. Holy Waters & Faery Forests, Planetary Grid Work. Sisterhood. Priestess Initiations. The Great Mystery. Soul Gift Reclamation.

This sacred pilgrimage will reawaken the cosmic temples within. You will experience soulular alignment, upgrades and anchor some much needed light into the crystalline grid of the planet.

Awaken Ancient Memories

Pilgrimage is a form of devotion to your spiritual path. When you journey to sacred & holy places it can initiate personal transformation and act as a catalyst to reclaim ancient soul wisdom.

There is a potency when you physically visit sacred sites. You merge your energetic signature into the land as well as receive profound activations, insights & upgrades.

Avalon no longer exists on this plane, however Glastonbury holds a key to access these powerful energies where layers of dimensions & times are overlapping to meet at a focal point. It is a beacon for cosmic energies to merge & intersect opening up portals to other worlds and awakening the wisdom of the heart.

The memories of the lost lands of Atlantis can also be found here, the imprints of the mystical & magickal arts as well as retracing the footprints of the holy family after the crucifixion. The journey to Avalon has many pathways and holds much for many.

The priestesses are awakening. It is time to come home.

This is an intimate retreat. Only 10 spots.

To Part the Mists...

The path to the top of the Tor

Is also the spiraled way to the woman within
A journey of growth, empowerment,
And self-understanding

Voyage to the Source . . . the Center . . . the Goddess . . .
She whose Name can only be found in the silence of the soul
Delve into your darkness. . . enter your pain
Conquer your fears . . .
Call the Barge to take you
To the Holy Island of Healing which resides within . . .
And emerge renewed

The Mysteries of Avalon are alive
Her Apples are red and sweet . . .
Do you dare take a bite?

Become the Woman you were born to be . . .
Remember . . .

~Jhenah Telyndru


Please plan to arrive in Glastonbury on September 7th, or arrive earlier on September 8th to give you enough time to get settled into our retreat sanctuary.

September 8:

4:00 PM Check-in | 6:00 PM Dinner & Opening Circle 

September 17th:

9:00 AM Breakfast

11:00 AM Departure 

(More detail will be provided upon registration.)

This is the general ebb and flow of our days:

8:30 - 9:30 AM - Breakfast

10:00 AM - 1:00 PM - Exploration of Avalon and her gifts, Connecting with our local guides, Sacred Sites/ Meditations.

1:30 - 2:30 PM - Lunch

2:30 - 6:00 - Afternoon Avalonian Adventures/ Souljourn/rest & recharge

7:00 PM - Dinner

In the evenings there will be a blend of integration circles, restorative poses, akashic records, gene keys and whatever is most supportive to the group

There may be some adjustments with the daily schedule to allow flexibility for our hearts to lovingly & divinely guide us.

We have planned activities, day trips and a 2 day excursion through the legendary land's of King Arthur in Cornwall, to see St.Nectan's Glen, Merlin's Cave and so much more

Sacred Sites You Will Visit

 ♡︎ The Glastonbury Tor

♡︎ St.Margarets/Magdalene's Chapel

♡︎ Private viewing at Stonehenge

♡︎ Avebury Stone Stones (Largest stone "circle" in all of Britain)

♡︎ Silbury Hill & West Kennet Long Barrow

♡︎ Chalice Well Gardens, with the Red Spring & King Arthur's Pool

♡︎ Grail Mysteries & 2 Day Excursion through the legendary lands of King Arthur to St. Nectan's Glen & Merlin's Cave

♡︎ Merlin & Morganna Ley Lines

♡︎ Private Access to The White Spring - Water Alchemy Ceremony

♡︎ ​​The Glastonbury Abbey

♡︎ ​​Dragon Lines, Micheal & Mary Ley Lines

♡︎ Bride's Mound(In honour of  Brigid)


♡︎ 1 Sisterhood Connection Call on Zoom to meet each other prior to our pilgrimage together

♡︎ Entrance fees for the group to sacred sites and transportation to & from our planned excursions

♡︎ 9 Nights at Healing Waters Retreat & Sanctuary

♡︎ All Organic & gluten free meals (Excluding 1 lunch & 1 Dinner on our grail mysteries excursion to Tintagel)

♡︎ 1 Integration Call to reconnect after you have had time to distill the experience.  

♡︎ BONUS: Register by April 20th and receive an Avalon Priestess Welcome Package with goodies to help you prepare for your pilgrimage( We'll talk about this on your clarity call)



 ♡︎ All airfare to and from the UK

♡︎ Transportation to and from Glastonbury

♡︎ Travel insurance 

♡︎ 1 lunch & 1 Dinner on our grail mysteries in Tintagel.

♡︎ Any personal excursions & shopping.(ie souvenirs)


*It is important to note an average level of fitness & mobility is required. We will be walking at the sacred sites and around Glastonbury.


Book a Clarity Call

Our Sanctuary

Healing Water Retreat & Sanctuary

"Healing Waters offers a tranquil space for our visitors to enjoy a deeply healing and restful stay. Our facilities are available to people of all spiritual paths and we hold the belief that God is Love, in whatever form people choose to experience the Divine."

Note: We will be spending 1 night at Bowood Park Hotel & Golf Club on our 2-day Excursion through Cornwall UK

Scared Investment

The wellness investment for this pilgrimage is

$5000 USD when you pay in full.

Payment plans are available. Payment plan is $5200 USD

*$500 of this is a non-refundable deposit*

All outstanding balances are due on or before July 31, 2024.

10 Spots for this intimate retreat

Book a Clarity Call

Beloved sister I am thrilled Avalon is calling your soul back home!!! 

it would be amazing to find out a little bit about you and see if this is a fit!

Let's hop on a zoom call!

X♡︎ Terra

Let's Connect!

Your Guide

Hi, I'm Terra, and I am overjoyed you found your way here sister!

Going to Avalon changed my life and showed me more clearly the ways I am here to be of services through offering spiritually aligned pilgrimages and retreats. I know I am a vessel for the Divine/ God/ Source to bring other awakened souls to sacred lands to remember who they are...who they have always been.

If you are here, you know you are here for a reason and are following your heart to be of service to others at this time. It is a true honour to invite you to journey with us to Avalon, as we open up portals of possibilities together to embody your power, purpose and potential in this life as the true visionary and heart-based leader that your are! 

With love,

X♡︎ Terra

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