Soul Path Oracle Deck


If you are lost, you will be given direction. If you are seeking answers, you will receive guidance. You will see that you can trust your inner knowing, and you will be invited to tap into your intuitive gifts and magic. Through these insights, you will experience the truth of your soul. 

This independently published deck was created for seekers, wanderers, storytellers, mystics, outcasts, and rebels — and the shy, serious, and curious. This deck was created for YOU!

The Soul Path Oracle Deck

This 44 card oracle deck was created to be a trusty & faithful companion to your curious heart as you connect with your inner wisdom, higher power and activate your magic!

    44 card deck

    Gold guilded edges

    400gsm (thick & luxurious card stock) matte finish

    71 page b&w guide book gold foil cover

    Gold foil box design

The Process

After owning and actively using numerous tarot and oracle decks over the years and working professionally as a Spiritual Advisor & Mentor for years, I have created an oracle deck!

Every word, messages & activation statement was lovingly channeled from the Divine as it poured out from my heart & soul.

The amazing art was created by Heather Brewster. She took the messages and using her intuitive gifts made them even more magical than I could have ever dreamed.

It has been a labour of love, a wish upon a star that has come true. Seeing it come to life is beyond anything that can be put into words.

Read interview for Soul Path Oracle with Gaia Rising here.

Kind Words

You are pure magic!

The Creators


Terra Kenzie Longacre
Terra is a messenger for spirit and is divinely guided to share the wisdom and power of the heart - channeling the sacred voice of the soul and unconditional love. She offers insight and inspiration for the soul's journey.


Heather Brewster
Heather is an intuitive artist and visual storyteller, that works in many different mediums. Her current passion is digital illustration, creating images full of feeling, helping to transport the viewer to a special place, so they can experience the message on a deeper level.







Available in select locations

You can find Soul Path Oracle for local pick up in Calgary, Alberta  & online at the following locations:

    Divine Mine Calgary, AB

    Rite of Ritual Calgary, AB

Retail location pricing is $74

Don't live local? You can oder online from Divine Mine or Rite of Ritual

Order from Divine Mine
Order from Rite of Ritual

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