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"BHQ is a heart and energy-based "regression" experience modality that eschews hard and fast rules and promotes creative and individualized approaches."

Candace Craw-Goldman

Beyond Quantum Healing is a hypnosis method that taps into the subconscious mind allowing you to access your Higher Self. A BQH session can be used for self healing and spiritual growth to address many areas in your life from, physical, mental, emotional and overall spiritual well-being.

Beyond Quantum Healing was created by Candace Craw-Goldman in 2008 and was based on the foundational work of QHHT originally by the late Dolores Cannon. Dolores Cannon was a pioneer and trailblazer for hypnosis and specialized in past life regression therapy. Her work is renowned all around the world for the information she brought through her clients and could be considered a Galactice Historian. Candace trained with Dolores Cannon between 2008 - 2014 in the healing practice of Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique. Candace created BQH to make it available online and more accessible reaching anyone anywhere around the world.

How does BQH Work?

BHQ works on a cellular and soulular level providing cellular and spiritual healing and transformation. In the BHQ session you are guided into a relaxed state and inner journey through hypnosis to access what we call the subconscious mind, Higher Self, or Super Soul.

The intention of this process is to bring you into alignment with your highest potential in this life and release any patterns, programs, or blocks stored within the cellular memory and soulular memory to support you in self-actualization and soul integration.

How Does a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session Work?

Your Beyond Quantum Healing will begin with us spending some time together for approximately an hour, to share about yourself, your journey so far and what intentions you have for the session, the information you provide helps to get a clearer vision for our time together and how to ultimately bring you to your desired outcome.

Before we begin the hypnosis itself, we’ll verbally set intentions for the session and work with some relaxation techniques and heart coherence practices as we call in your higher dimensional, beings, guardians and guides. So much remembrance can come through such as ; from this lifetime, past lives, parallel lives and every ET lifetimes.

As we explore your questions, our main focus is to gain an understanding as to why you have been brought to a specific lifetime and see if there is any residual soul trauma or energy that need to be shifted, released or activated. Since time is not linear as we know, the sessions may flow in a similar a fashion, after covering your questions, you will then have an opportunity to access the wisdom of you Higher Self to receive guidance and this can sometimes be the most potent part of your session. Once you are feeling complete with the information received, your session will come to an end and you will be brought back into a full, awakened, & present state of consciousness, We will discuss your thoughts & feeling around what took place in your session.

You will receive a digitally formatted copy of your recording within 48 hours after your session.


Online Sessions

Beyond Quantum Healing is a multifaceted approach to accessing the subconscious mind and embraces the idea of offering online sessions, unlike QHHT-which has a strict guideline to only see clients in-person and with the way of the world today having the ability to connect online creates more opportunities for people to feel comfortable in their own home, or traveling to see the desired practitioner might not be an option. Online sessions can be equally powerful and at times have the potential to be more so, due to the deeper states of relaxation that may be experienced in a more familiar relaxing environment.

The process of an online session does not change, all the necessary steps are taken to help facilitate the process and since everything is energy, there are now barriers in contacting and connecting with your higher Self and Spirit team.


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