Coming into a Place of Acceptance

acceptance inner healing moving forward patience Jul 31, 2022

Coming into a place of acceptance around a situations or circumstances gives you the opportunity to truly be free in making conscious choices and decisions. Acceptance is a choice; not a privilege, or punishment and it is an invitation to open up and surrender to the reality as you experience it and through conscious choice you now are free to choose how you want to navigate.

Do you stay? Do you move forward? It's all up to you.

July was an interesting month full of unexpected surprises. I’ve been in a state of contemplation, reflection and deep gratitude. Everything can change in an instant and I had a sharp realization of this recently.

⚠️TW ⚠️
Earlier in July I was in a car accident due to large objects flying off a commercial truck. Honestly it was terrifying. It was either staying in my lane & being hit head on or swerving out of the way, after the second object fell off I had to make a choice of going into other cars or the meridian & other cars was NOT an option.

I am feeling extremely grateful and waiting to see what unfolds from this, however at this moment I’m counting my blessings and I am Honouring the stillness and the pause that has been taking place & making time to nourish my body that is in a state of repair as it catches up to the mind & spirit.

Here are some strategies to try when you desire to come into a place of acceptance.

Be the Observer: Take an honest evaluation of what is going on in different situations? What is the reality? Your perception and the perception of other? Is there attachment to outcomes or expectations? Once you more clearly define what is happening from an objective perspective things can make more sense.

Honouring the Lessons: Not to say that everything has to be a lesson, however learning tends to be a direct byproduct of engaging in the human experience. What are you being shown? What areas in your life could benefit from acknowledgement? What are the lessons and can you lovingly accept them  as such? 

Patience: Your journey will be different from other people's journeys and that is ok. Be patient with yourself and others and know that some days will be better than others. Remember your outlook and willingness and devotion to have harmony that is for the greater good of all will be rewarded and sometime in the most unexpected ways.

Thanks you to this amazing community for all your love & support

X♡︎ Terra


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