Destiny...What does it really mean?

Nov 29, 2023

Destiny can be viewed as special plan or purpose for each individual and all of creation. Each one of us is here for a reason and our lives are part of a grand design. We can have a "plan", however everything that happens is guided by the divine plan.

Some people believe that following this divine plan brings fulfillment and happiness. Others think it's essential to make choices that align with this higher purpose. Whether it's facing challenges, meeting specific people, or achieving certain goals, everything is seen as part of a bigger, meaningful picture.

Remember, your story is unique, and you can't always see the whole plan. Just be yourself, be kind, and enjoy the adventure!

People find comfort in the idea that they are part of something greater, and that their lives have a purpose beyond what they may understand. It's like being a piece of a puzzle—each part contributes to the overall masterpiece, and divine destiny is the idea that there is a perfect place for each piece in the grand design of life.

Where has destiny brought you so far? Where will it lead you?



You are spirit in physical form. You are being called to actively live from spirit, to see the divine in everything because the divine is all around you. Your life has been carefully orchestrated to bring you back to a state of original purity, a state of limitless potential and possibilities where you can truly experience heaven on Earth.

 Soul Work: "I am aware of my divine nature. My human experience is the gift of spirit taking form. I choose to live from spirit and co-create a life of splendour. I am living heaven on Earth."

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

X♡︎ Terra

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