Embracing Change

Jun 02, 2024

We are officially 6 months into the year! How did that happen? How was the first half of 2024 for you? For June we are being encouraged to embrace all the changes that are happening internally and in our outer worlds. There is a softness & peace that comes from acceptance.

June is the month to mindfully guard your heart. Hold your hopes, dreams, desires and heart’s longings close. Keep them near. Some things aren’t meant to shared with others at this time. Keep it between you & God/Source/Creator.



There is a divine spark within you. This card reminds you of your divinity and connection to
spirit. It is also a call to action to embrace your mystical self. You have been a student of the
mystical and sacred arts for many lifetimes. You have much wisdom to share with others,
and this is message of encouragement to do so. Through living from an empowered state,
you will remind others of their inherent divine spark.

Soul Work: "I am a divine channel and messenger for spirit. I walk this path now because I
have walked it before for many lifetimes. I am here to share the sacred teachings for all those
that seek it, for the greatest good of all.

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

May you gracefully be in the changes and grace be given,

X♡︎ Terra


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