Protect Your Peace

May 01, 2024

We are in the season of expansiveness and the amplification and expression of our inner light and inner fire! Beltane is here! May 1st - May 10th and we are being encouraged to let our light SHINE!

That being said protecting your peace will be paramount! This is a saying that you might hear often "PROTECT YOUR PEACE" something that you hear out in the world, or inner dialogue you have with yourself, but how do you protect your peace?


 💫 Boundaries: Having clearly defined boundaries with yourself and others can support you in finding peace & maintaining peace. Boundaries keep you & others safe.

 💫 Truth: Being true to yourself plays a major part in protecting your peace because you say yes & no to what feels aligned with your morals, values, beliefs & TRUTH.

 💫 Time: Making consistent time for yourself to connect with your heart/soul/spirit will foster a deep sense of peace within. Taking out time from your day to commune with you is a form of protection.


Look to the north when rest or endurance is required. The north brings you the wisdom and
strength gathered from your travels on the sacred wheel of life. The element of earth
provides nourishment to a tired and weary soul. It reminds you of your connection to your
senses, so that you may fully appreciate the life you live and the path you walk.

Soul Work: "I call upon the direction of the north and the element of earth. I ask for all of my
senses to be heightened, so I can fully embody my human form and turn experience into
wisdom. I manifest my inspirations and visions into the world."

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

May you be at peace,



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