Overcoming the Fear of Being Judge for Your Spiritual Path

May 13, 2024

When you first have your spiritual awakening it can feel confusing and conflicting because you might feel alone and more often than not the people around you don't understand what you are feeling or experiencing and it can feel uncomfortable trying to talk to someone about things that don't logically make sense like explaining that you are seeing spirits and they are communicating with you, your dreams are coming true, or you are feeling very sensitive to energies, when you didn't feel them before.

From my extensive work with clients in the akashic records over the years I have come to learn that if there is a fear of being judged for your spiritual path or spiritual business, chances are the root or origin of this fear stems further back than this lifetime. There can be fears that creep up from this life, however there is also imprinting from other soul experiences and lifestreams that can keep you trapped in fear, especially if there was condemnation, persecution, betraytal and in many cases even death for walking a spiritual path in another time and another place.

The fear can create frustration and potential barriers and at the same time it is also an indicator of unresolved or unintegrated trauma that has been waiting to be resolved and you are just the one to do it for you and your soul! Your soul came here with a mission!

How to Overcome the Fear

  • This could take place over time and stages, however identifying what the root cause is will bring awareness on how to heal, transform and shift the energy. You can do this through spiritual counselling/consultations, past life regression work or other metaphysical modalities that access the subconscious or soul's memories.


  • Exploring your relationship with yourself, How is your self-worth? How confident do you feel? If you are lacking self worth or self acceptance, you may be more susceptible to being fearful of what others will think of you. Or if you are very critical and judgmental of yourself there may be a belief that others will do the same thing to you.


  • Remembering that your soul is here for a reason. Your spiritual awakening will remind you of this and your connection to God/Source/creator. Everything changes when you remember this and start to be the embodiment of your soul and live out God/Source/Creator's plan for you.


If you would like to go deeper and explore the wisdom of your soul I offer Spiritual Consultations 



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