Soul Path Alignment

Jun 28, 2024

2024 has been encouraging us to follow our passions and July is continuing on with this theme for Soul Path Alignment and asking you to review areas in your life that might require deeper reflection & refinement for true alignment. Are you giving your time and energy to people/things/projects that drain you? Or are you feeling energized & inspired? There are some reflection questions included in this video.


Setting a goal without a plan is like journeying into the wilderness without a map to show you the lay of the land. You do not need to know all of the details right now; however, it will help you to get creative and brainstorm different concepts and potential scenarios of how things can play out. Focus, determination, and direction will help you make dreams a reality.

Soul Work: "I have a plan and a vision. I connect with the feelings associated with accomplishment, fulfillment, and success. I bring these feelings into my energetic field and establish the state of resonant frequency to align me with my desired destination."

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

May you live in truth, passion & joy,

X♡︎ Terra


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