Soul Upgrades

Apr 03, 2023

I don't know about you, but I blinked and then it was might find that happening a lot in 2023 and the energies of this month feel very activating!!!

It feels like there has been a HUGE shift and pivot collectively in seeking answers to find clarity, purpose and direction, before so much time was spent looking for answers or validation externally and now more than ever people are feeling called to turn inwards to cultivate stillness and listen.

There is nothing wrong with seeking support, because it can provide confirmation and more depth, however it is phenomenal that going within for inner wisdom is becoming the first choice among many!

These soul upgrades are bringing truth and trust in one's innate wisdom. Trusting inner wisdom is on the RIIIIISSSEEEE!!!



You have ancient wisdom stored within you. It is time to awaken from your slumber and
remember who you are. When you discover who you are as a soul, great healing takes place
and the path becomes clearer. Reconnect with your soul’s essence and divine spark to stand
in your power.

Soul Work: "I activate my soul memory recall through the Akashic records. I am an infinite
being; I am spirit. Please gently bring forth any abilities, talents, gifts, and experiences that
will assist me to embody my soul’s truth in this incarnation.."

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

Much Love to you!

X♡︎ Terra

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