Sound Alchemist

integrative sound healing sound alchemy sound events sound healing Mar 15, 2022

With each breath & every beat of my heart I will surrender to love and it’s limitless power as I intermingle with the crystalline matrices of the infinite.

Sound is sacred and is a language all its own. Trough sound, the waves of vibration reverberate to the furthest corners of the cosmos and in perfect unison-  it’s nothingness and totality penetrates every part of your being.

In my sound ceremonies & sessions I am the instrument through which Spirit guides every tone, chime, rattle, hum & word; Spirit flows through me and I become the Sound Alchemist, the Sound SOURCEeress and the humble messenger of the Divine.

Journey with me on the whispers of the wind and these frequencies that bring forth memories of your soul as you are elevated into the expansiveness of the quantum field

Experience cellular & spiritual transformation through sound & vibration


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