The Road less Traveled: Transformation

Nov 02, 2022

Have you ever looked back on your life and wondered how you are even here today? This week's topic in Path of the Heart was about transformation and it was so remarkable to hear each woman's story of transformation and a specific experience that impacted them in a huge way and changed the trajectory of their lives.

I always joke that I have lived multiple lifetimes in this life. However that's what it feels like and I am forever humbled by the many paths I have walked. Does that ring true for you? I find that through reflection it offers an opportunity for celebration where you can witness & honour the journey and truly see how far you have come.

I find now more than ever so many of my clients are stepping out of their comfort zones and trying things they never thought they would have before or were too terrified to do. For them wandering down the road less traveled winds up bringing them to the true spark and passion within their souls.

What can you do to push yourself out if your comfort zone? Can you be open to exploring the unknown even if it is terrifying?

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