Vagina Mapping: The Gateway to Embodied Feminine Power

Feb 16, 2022

Vagina de-armoring, Yoni mapping, pussy empowerment, I have heard about it; it is not a new concept to me, but I had never done it…until now. I was unsure about sharing this, however, my experience was so profound and showed that working with your vagina in this way is a form of soul work and I would encourage anyone woman who has not tried this to explore this practice. I am not an expert and can only share what I have experienced, knowing that everyone is different and will experience things in their own way and that is the beauty and power of the pussy!

Women can hold a lot of pain and trauma in this sacred space…there can even be fear around connecting into the wisdom of the vagina…I believe that the heart connects you to your spirit and now even more strongly believe that the vagina connects you to both your heart and your spirit; your pure essence.

The de-armoring process and is about connecting physically and energetically to your vagina. You apply pressure to certain areas to tune into the space, to see if there is pain, discomfort, numbness, or emotions that come up, and to fully embrace everything that you experience. For example, if anger comes up, allow yourself to be angry and be curious about the anger. Why is it there? how long has it been there? feel it, embrace it, and allow the connection with your hands, your vagina, and your spirit to hold it in compassion, understanding, acceptance and unconditional love and allow it to be released. It truly is soul work!!!!

I have never spent time with my vagina in this way…I have always wanted something from it or others have wanted something from it, this time I was listening to her and let her speak to me and share with me what she needed. I am naturally in tune with my body’s energetics and could feel the pulsing at each area I worked with, I was shown how truly sacred this work was and given flashes of other lifetimes of doing this work for other women and men. 

Stories were shared with me of the true nature and creation of what could be known today as brothels or whore houses, I saw the wisdom and initial intention of sex work and the magic that these places and the sisters/women used within them and how it got completely twisted from its origins….this is nothing new. It was healing, powerful and ritualistic and all the women worked on each other with this sacred medicine to clear, to activate and connect each other to their spirits.

The part of this experience that really hit me was when I got brought through a journey of guilt, shame and disgust with different areas of my past….A past that I was under the impression I had worked through. There was a deep realization of the separation and disassociation I had created to protect myself and when I was shown all this and knew it was me all along and it was still ok I heard “I forgive you” I started to cry uncontrollably. It was my spirit, it was the Divine and it was completely freeing.

I honestly don’t know how long I cried for. I cried for this lifetime; for betraying myself and the ones I had betrayed and I cried for those other lifetimes and for the women I was and for my sisters. The guilt, shame, denial and hurt all washed away. I felt held and I felt pure. It was such a surreal experience.

This work is sacred, the vagina acts as a form of communication with your soul. I will dive deeper into this on my own to explore how I can be of service to others to share this.

Here are some resources so you can explore them on your own…There are many videos, but energetically she called out to me and the video is 13:13 mins in length…I like numerology.



A book came up in conversation around this with a friend not too long ago and I never bought it, but my experience was so profound and insightful I just purchased it!!!!

Pussy: A Reclamation, by Regena Thomashauer


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