What does it mean to surrender?

allow believe surrender trust the process Dec 02, 2022

It is officially December and 2022 is coming close to an end. When a year is wrapping up it is always fascinating to reflect on what happened and at times you might even find yourself saying "where did the time go?" and yet here you are.

The word, surrender or rather what it means can be viewed by people in many different ways; for some surrender is giving up, or a last resort, and for other surrender can be allowing the chips to fall where they may. This is all personal and all subjective, however what does it mean to surrender?

What does it mean to surrender?

I believe that surrender and allow can be used interchangeably. When you surrender you come to a place of acceptance and non-attachment and allow things to unfold and when you allow things to unfold, you are open to receive and when you are open to receive miracles can happen.

Non-attachment: When you are attached to specific ideas or outcomes it can be restricting and limiting...besides something better could be waiting for you.

Letting go of control: Letting go of control is not losing control. Some things we have no control over and how can you surrender to that? 

Acceptance: Acceptance can be liberating! You can see things for what they truly are and when you accept situations for what they are you can move or not move accordingly.

Allow: When you allow you are open to all possibilities and giving spirit the green light to support you.

Trust: That saying "trust the process" is huge when it comes to surrendering. Trust the process and have faith as you surrender to open yourself up to receive.


 Is surrendering always going to be easy? No, it can be be equally terrifying and liberating and very magickal.

You won't know until you know.




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