Who Are You Becoming in the Unknown?

authenticity the mystery the unknown May 01, 2023

Have you been here before? The space in between?

The space where you hit the breaking point, there has been collapsing, crumbling, shattering of illusions & identities where all that you knew is no more, the space where you wade in the waters of uncertainty...the space of emptiness and vastness.

This month will bring you into a deeper sense of self, more aligned, more messy, more on purpose than ever before if you allow the current and flow of spirit to be your directional focus.

Your soul is filled with determination, you have been through so much in this life and the hunger to grow, live authentically and  to share kindness and compassion builds within your very being, even when there are perceived "set backs"

For the moment of truth there is a question to reflect upon...grab a pen & paper, your laptop, or open your cellphone notes and allow the words to flow freely(no censoring/or inner critic) Write as little or as much as you like. Have fun with it!




You are being called to tap into your magic! Magic allows you to see the silver lining in a dark storm cloud, inspires you to make the best out of any given situation, and assists a beautiful lotus to bloom from the mud. You are resilient and can adapt to anything. Allow magic to flow freely in your life and sprinkle it around everywhere you go!

Soul Work: "I walk the path of initiation and overcome any challenges and obstacles on this journey. My heart is pure magic; it is filled with optimism. I have a desire for growth, and all paths lead to my truest self. My will is strong; I am resilient."

You can find Soul Path Oracle HERE. 

Much Love to you!

X♡︎ Terra

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