Heart Path Starter Pack

tools to help equip you for walking the heart path

For many making the shift to heart-based living isn’t always easy; at times it can feel like challenging situations are coming out of nowhere, with work, friends, family, lovers, mental stability, financial stability and it can be overwhelming.

If you keep persevering and trusting the intelligence of the heart and that there is a divine order and divine plan beyond what you have planned so many beautiful experiences and growth can come from it.

What is the Heart Path?

Walking the path of the heart is making the journey back home to yourself in your heart. It is being present with yourself, showing up for yourself even when it's hard and staying heart-centered.

​Results of living in the heart:

♥ Alignment

♥ Authenticity

♥ Bravery & Courage

♥ Confidence in self, choices and abilities

♥ Clarity & purpose

♥ Speaking your truth freely

♥ Increase in trust & faith.

What you get in the Heart Path Starter Pack:


You are getting some valuable tools to add to your tool kit to support you in heart-based living. I created this because I know how overwhelming life can get and when you are in a high beta state it's like being in a constant state of survival mode.

My intention is to help support you "whole-istically" on a physical level to enter into states of coherence and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, mentally and emotionally to tune out the noise around you and dial into your resonate frequency and be in the heart and on a spiritual level to share with you the innate wisdom that can be accessed through the heart. The heart is the gateway to your truth and soul.

#1 - Journey to the Heart: Discussion on the electromagnetic field of the heart and guided journey to learn how to clearly hear your truth verses thoughts from the mind.

#2 - Soul Mission Meditation: You will guided on a journey to your multidimensional heart and connect with your soul purpose & mission for this lifetime.

#3 - Heart Path Workbook: This workbook has self-reflection questions as well as some strategies to work with to be heart-centered.

# 4 - Soul Path Newsletter: Monthly newsletter that discusses energetic themes for the month and cosmic events, reflection questions to build upon the monthly themes. There will updates on all things consciousness based and heart-based that we are up to!(You can unsubscribe at any time...no hard feelings, this is your journey) 

“To start utilizing the Power of The Heart is the most significant choice you will make in life.”

Steven Redhead

Get the Heart Path Starter Pack

May you experience the power of the heart and remember the answers reside in you.

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