Become your own Sound Alchemist

sound alchemy sound events sound healing Jul 03, 2022

Did you know that you are your most powerful sound healing instrument?!?!? The sounds your voice can make and the intention behind it is so healing and powerful! Fully calibrated to you and at the same time it has the ability to touch and shift other people.

I am so excited for the upcoming sound retreat I am hosting with Samantha of Goddess Temple August 26-29th in Bottrel, Alberta with Goddess Temple YYC for the Sacred Sound Retreat!!! 3 days of community & connection!


You Can Expect:

💫A sacred and brave space to connect with kindred spirits

💫A fully immersive learning experience around sound, vibration & frequency

💫A deeper understanding of music theory, creating entrainment and coherence

💫Integrative sound and vibrational healing for your overall well-being mind / body / soul

💫Gentle restorative yogic practices for embodiment and integration

💫A rediscovery of the power of your voice and activating your unique soul song

💫Group dyads and experiential exercises to awaken the sanctuary of sound within

💫Connecting with nature to align with the rhythms of the Universe

💫A heightened and elevated awareness when working with sound

💫The assurance and confidence that you can become your own Sound Alchemist

💫An all inclusive retreat with catered meals- You even get fed Friday night when you come & Monday morning before you leave 💖

This weekend will reawaken the cosmic temples within and anchor some much needed light into the crystalline grid of the planet.
X♡︎ Terra 

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