Sacred Soul

A DAY RETREAT for mystical women, change makers & heart-based visionaries


Invitation to connect more deeply with your heart and soul so you can shine even brighter


You are a light in the world and shining your light and sharing your radiance with others


This intimate day retreat is here to ACTIVATE you to more fully embody your soul's truth and gifts, while connecting with other women as we weave a network of support, love & embodiment together to help you & your business flourish & grow and ultimately help with the shift in consciousness on the planet



Embodying the Sacredness of Your Soul 

 All your soul gifts, talents & abilities are encoded within your cellular & soulular codex waiting to be remembered & restored.

By shining your light, you are helping to ignite and illuminate others to their sacred calling.

The more space you create to connect with Source and yourself, the clearer your vision for your higher purpose and soul's expression and embodiment becomes.

  What are your dreams?

 ✨ What is your soul's truth?

 ✨ How do you want to step deeper into service?

 ✨ Who are you becoming as a powerful mystic, oracle, healer, guide?


It's time babe, let's rise together!


April 21 | 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

@ THE YURT: 254121 Towers Trail, Rocky View, AB

On this soul nourishing retreat you will:

 Expand upon your higher purpose of what your soul came here to do & be as you are guided through a soul remembrance regression and activations

Receive guidance from the Akashic Records to best support you at this time

Amplify your psychic gifts through intuitive practices with kindred spirits

 Have opportunities for reflection on living deeply aligned and purposeful

 Restorative Sound Alchemy Ceremony for Integration

 Light snacks refreshments will be served

What you will need:

Journal & pen(s)

Yoga Mat (Blanket & pillow optional)

 Water bottle & snacks

 Bring a talisman, special item, or keepsake for the altar

It would be an honour to have you join us!


$144 per person


This soul nourishing retreat will support you in returning to your soul's truth, while connecting with other kindred spirits.


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